Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What can be considered as a municipal case?

Municipal cases are issues pertaining to the upkeep and improvement of the communal living environment. These include cleanliness of public areas, horticulture maintenance, maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as roads, walkways, parks and drains; animal and pest related issues.

What is the iPeople App for?

The iPeople App focuses on case reporting which is an easy and convenient way to report municipal problems on-the-go. In the future, the iPeople App will serve as a one-stop platform for timely updates and information via push notifications as well as the ability to perform online payments to pay assessments and summonses.

What if my issue category is not listed in the iPeople App?

The categories found in the iPeople App are based on the common municipal issues or feedback the council receives. For issues that are not listed in any of the categories found in the case submission, you can send the feedback by calling in or emailing the council (hotline, Whatsapp and email contact information can be found in the Council Directory tab).
We are constantly reviewing the categories found in the iPeople App. Based on demand, feedback and suggestions, we will introduce new and suitable categories along the way.


How do I register to become an iPeople App user?

After downloading the iPeople App, you can register for an account using your personal email. Once your email has been verified, you can proceed to log in and submit cases through the app. The email and mobile number you provide is important as it could be used by the council to contact you if they require clarification on the issues you have reported.

How do I change my log in password?

To change your password, simply click on settings icon on top-right. Enter your current password and enter your desired new password twice to confirm.

What should I do if I forget my password for the iPeople App?

If you forget your password, simply click “Forgot Password” and you will be prompted to key in your log in ID. A Password Reset Link will be sent to you via email. Click on the link and follow the steps to reset your password.

Case Submission:

How do I submit a case?
  1. Tab on Submit Case.
  2. Select the appropriate category and sub-categories.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information - insert relevant photo(s), indicate case location and also provide a clear description of the case. You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to assist the council following up on your case.
  4. Submit the case and the case and its status will be reflected under "History".
Is it compulsory to provide photos for every feedback?

It is compulsory to provide at least a photo for every case you send. We do encourage you to provide accurate photos and information for the council to follow up on your case.

What should I do if the case location indicated is incorrect? Can I manually insert the case location?

You are required to switch on the GPS location as it will ensure a more accurate location of the case. This would help the council to make prompt assessment of the case.
Alternatively, you can manually select the case location by tapping on the map and dropping a pin on the map provided in the iPeople App.

How will I know if my case has been submitted successfully?

An acknowledgment message indicating successful submission will be shown once the case has been submitted successfully. You can also go to "History" to track the status of your case.

How do I track updates on a case I have submitted?

You can track your case update(s) and council's actions by going to the "History" tab in the iPeople App. If the submitted case has been attended to and resolved by the council, the status will be updated from "Open" to "Follow Up" and then to "Closed". You can also view Actions Taken for all resolved and closed cases.


Are there other languages for the iPeople App?

English is chosen as the language medium of the iPeople App as it is the official working language of the state. This allows the application to be used by the majority of Sarawakians who are English literate. Nonetheless, you can key in the feedback in the language of your choice in the feedback field.

Is the iPeople App available on mobile devices for Android and IOS?

Currently, the iPeople App is only available for download on Google's Play Store. The Apple's App Store version will be ready very soon. Stay tuned!

Who can I contact if I encounter problems with the iPeople App or have further queries on them?

If you are facing difficulties with the iPeople App or have further queries on them, you can send your enquiries to [email protected]

For urgent feedback, how do I obtain assistance immediately?

For urgent cases, you can contact the council directly. The council's hotline & Whatsapp number and email is available in the Council Directory tab.

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